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Welcome to! We offer the best storm chasing tours over any other tour company in tornado alley. The experience we provide our guests is the best among tornado chasing tours. If you are looking at booking a storm chasing vacation this year, you have come to the right place. Our tours are led by meteorologist Brandon Ivey, who was featured on the Discovery Channel’s “Stormchasers” series and was also in the IMAX movie “Tornado Alley”. He was instrumental in positioning the tornado intercept vehicle to obtain amazing footage of tornadoes from close range. He holds a degree in broadcast meteorology and has over 20 years of storm chasing experience. If you want to see supercells and tornadoes on your storm chasing trip, he is the best guide to get you to the action. He has the experience to get you up close and personal, while keeping you safe. He is also very willing to teach you all about severe weather forecasting and storm chasing tactics. Most tour companies limit the amount of information they provide to guests to keep you coming back year after year. As much as we would love for you to return year after year, we also understand that some clients wish to learn how to storm chase on their own.

Our storm chasing tours include 6 days of chasing and 7 nights of lodging in nice, clean hotels. We stay in nicer hotels than most tour companies, because we know that this is your vacation and after a long day of chasing, the last thing you want to do is stay in a cheap, dirty hotel room. We also stop to eat at nice restaurants and avoid fast food places at all costs. Like we said before, we provide the best storm chasing vacation experience possible for our guests. We travel in a Chevy express 3500 passenger van that is equipped with a monitor, so all guests can see the radar and weather charts at all times in the midst of our chases. We also have the van set up to safely venture into the storm to sample the hail shaft. Each guest is guaranteed a window seat, so you will have plenty of opportunities for taking photographs and video of the storms and tornadoes. We limit the amount of guest we schedule on each storm chasing tour so you will have plenty of room to be comfortable on our chases. Here is what some of our past guests have said about their tour experience.

If you are looking for an extreme vacation with plenty of adventure, tracking down some of Mother Nature’s most violent storms, then our storm chasing tours are perfect for you. We provide an exciting chase experience, while keeping you safe. Weather briefings are provided every morning, so you will know exactly what to expect each chase day. Updates on the target area and weather forecast are also provided throughout the day as we chase. Snacks and bottled water are available throughout the day. This is an extra service provided to keep our guests comfortable if we experience a long chase day where we have a large gap between lunch and dinner. So are you ready for the vacation of a lifetime? View our tour schedule here and reserve your seat today. Read a few of our customers reviews and take a look at our storm chasing tours highlight videos below.


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We also welcome any media company or production crew to join our storm chasing tours. It doesn’t matter if you’re a national news network, a local news station, or a production company. If you are looking to collect amazing footage for a weather related story, contact us and we will help you get the shots you need. We have worked with multiple media outlets before, both on and off camera. A handful of those are listed below.

Brandon Ivey was a forecaster and navigator for TIV2 on the Discovery Channel series "Stormchasers".

Brandon Ivey was a forecaster and navigator for TIV2 on the Discovery Channel series “Stormchasers”.

Brandon Ivey was featured on the Discovery Channel’s “Stormchasers”. As you can see, I have a proven track record to get you into perfect position.

The IMAX movie "Tornado Alley" was released in 2011.

The IMAX movie “Tornado Alley” was released in 2011.

Brandon Ivey was featured in the IMAX movie "Tornado Alley".

Brandon Ivey was featured in the IMAX movie “Tornado Alley”.

Brandon appears in Sean Casey’s IMAX movie “Tornado Alley” and was highly instrumental in forecasting and positioning the tornado intercept vehicle (TIV2) to allow Sean to obtain many of the storm shots that are seen in the movie.

Brandon Ivey has also been shooting professional news footage since 2005 for local and major news stations. Brandon has also provided live interviews on local and national networks. A few of these networks are listed below:

News media we have worked with in the past.

News media we have worked with in the past.

As you can see, I not only have experience forecasting and chasing severe weather, but I have the experience your crew needs to help shoot and tell the story correctly. I work professionally with any and all clients while keeping your field crew safe. Book your storm chasing vacation today!