2016 Storm Chasing Tours – The Vacation of a Lifetime!

Storm Chasing Tours

Chase with me on one of my 2016 storm chasing tours. I will get you on some amazing storms and teach you all about severe weather and forecasting. Each day you will be briefed on the current weather forecast and what to expect in terms of storms for later in the day. I love teaching others about the weather and how to chase storms in a safe manner. All of my 2015 tour guests had nothing but nice things to say about how professional the tours were operated. They really enjoyed how hard I worked to find them the best storm of the day. We will stay at nice hotels and eat at clean restaurants, not fast food joints. This is really the vacation and adventure of a lifetime. Nothing beats chasing down violent storms and tornadoes across tornado alley. Why not chase with someone who has a proven track record displayed on Discovery Channel’s “Stormchasers” series? I will get you up close and personal to the action, while keeping you safe. I have a degree in meteorology with 20 years of storm chasing experience. The tour van we will be chasing in is nice and comfortable. It is set up with a hail guard so we can experience large hail when the storms are not producing tornadoes. This is something that no other tornado chasing tour company does. I also have a large monitor where everyone in the van can see the radar and current weather charts that I am viewing on my laptop up in the front of the van. Chase with the best this year and reserve your seat today. Sign up here

Tornado Chasing Tours – Promo Video

Storm Chasing Vacation – Tour Van and Tornado

Storm Chasing Tours Van and Tornado

Storm Chasing Tour Van and Tornado

11-16-2015 Texas Tornadoes

11-16-2015 Texas Tornadoes. I chased multiple tornadoes across the Texas Panhandle with Ed Turk on Monday, November 16th, 2015. We tracked six tornadoes total, from two separate supercells, from southwest of Groom, TX to Miami, TX. This late season outbreak is my best nocturnal tornado chase to date! Below are several video frame grabs along with the video from this chase.


Kansas Microburst – September 7th, 2015

I chased in central Kansas today in Marion County. A supercell thunderstorm developed during the evening hours and produced a couple of gustnadoes as it was transitioning into an outflow dominate storm. The storm then went on to produce extreme winds as I was caught in a microburst near Marion Lake.