Storm Chasing Tours – Testimonials



“I’ve had the extreme pleasure of having Brandon being the forecaster/navigator of the TIV. I count him as one of the elite storm chasers in his ability to get to the right storm at the right moment. With his guidance I’ve been blessed to witness nature at its most thrilling.”

Sean Casey (Los Angeles, CA)


“My wife and I have been able to chase with Brandon Ivey on a few different chases across Kansas, Oklahoma and Nebraska. I am not sure what it is about Brandon and his uncanny ability to always be at the right place at the right time. We have seen many tornados, very large hail and impressive storm structure. He knows how to talk and keep us calm while explaining what he is seeing and why he is not concerned or why the weather is doing what it is doing.

With Brandon being a meteorologist that is both book smart and street smart I do not know how anyone could go wrong seeing Mother Nature in some of its most beautiful yet intense moments up close and personal! We will absolutely be chasing with Brandon and his team hopefully for many years to come!”

Kirk Shot (Wichita, KS)


“I had the privilege to chase with Brandon in 2014. It was the vacation of a lifetime. Brandon’s experience, knowledge, and enthusiasm were on full display. He truly wants to deliver the best possible experience for his guests. He gets you up close and personal with severe storms, but with safety as the primary consideration. His humble personality and desire to teach helped increase my knowledge and respect for severe weather. These are some of the attributes that set Brandon apart from other chase companies. He drove me all the way from South Texas to North Dakota just for a slight chance of a tornado. I look forward to chasing with Brandon again next season.”

Ed Turk (Folsom, CA)

“Perfect explanation of what to expect, how to read charts. Good hotels and restaurants where you could get normal food instead of junk food. Perfect teamwork driver/chaser. Very professional. Never been scared in the car while driving in bad weather, never been scared outside the car as the team took the necessary precaution and avoided any risks.”

Fenna Brakel (Switzerland)


“My first tour was a great learning experience. The guys collected me at the airport and we got acquainted over dinner the first evening. Each evening at dinner we’d get a preliminary briefing of the plan for tomorrow’s chase, which would the be confirmed over breakfast and we’d be shown the models for the day. The long drives to the days target area were actually good for hearing stories of chases and intercepts the guys had been involved in. Was like being on a tour with good friends. Many storms were found, but the highlight is of course the Tornadoes we observed on May 7th, my birthday. Felt extremely safe at all times. Never has to worry about a thing as I had complete faith in the guys. Highly recommend this tour company…I’m going back again in 2016!”

Tim Maynard (New Zealand)


“If there were a single drop of water in the entire Sahara desert, Brandon Ivey of could find it. And he’d tell you within a few seconds at what time you’d be driving up to it. Same with tornadoes. I told Brandon up front that I was there to learn as much as I could the process of tornado formation but of course I wanted the experience of being in the presence of tornadoes as well. He did both. He answered my questions thoroughly and he took us to some amazing tornadoes. He understands the risks and minimizes them intelligently. I never felt my safety threatened at all on the entire tour. I had expectations of what the trip would be like, you know, as if I’d ever seen the movie, “Twister”. (Ok, I’ve seen it 86 times … but who’s counting?). One of the guys on the tour was so happy with it that he’s coming back next year for TWO weeks, not just one. The accommodations were fine. We went to restaurants where I ordered food I like. Plenty of pit stops when needed. The van is big, not a standard soccer van. Seats were super comfortable which your butt will thank you for because you’re going to go a lot of miles. Huge windows in the van and they’re moderately tinted so there are no headaches from squinting. It was amusing to see other storm chasers come up to Brandon and ask for his autograph. They recognized him from all the years he was on The Discovery Channel’s Storm Chasers series and from being in the IMAX movie, “Tornado Alley”. Oh, to be traveling along with the famous. Nobody wanted my autograph. They wanted to know what it was like to be toured by Brandon Ivey. Well, I’ll tell you. It was pretty darn great and to prove it I’m going again next year. Maybe next year Brandon will once again get us to the most fantastic tornado and again beat Reed Timmer to it by 10 minutes as he did this year . I can’t wait!”

Mike Shuck (Wichita, KS)